July Newsletter 2022

Welcome to our monthly newsletter Earthling.

It's finally July and we have many surprises for you, especially for our email and sms subscribers. For our old and new Earthlings we want to remind you that this month is our Birthday month. Almost two years ago, our founder Donavyn, decided to share their passion with a wider audience and we couldn't be happier to see where we are today.

When we first started we were selling seven different crystals and twelve different incense scents. Now we have a large variety of crystals, incense, candles, jewelry plus more. We wouldn't be where we are today without our Earthlings.

We want to thank our by giving you this code: JUJULY for a surprise along with other deals throughout the month. Want to learn more about us and what we do? Check out our about us page. We can't wait to officially celebrate our 2nd year anniversary with you all. Thank you for joining Thee Muvaship.

Best wishes,


PS. Reminder that we are still a small business. In fact, there is one person behind all the magic. When we say "we", we truly mean "I". Unlike big corporations we are self funded and would appreciate our Earthlings to keep enjoying themselves in our community. However, like any other business (especially small) we need as much assistance as we can get. If you believe in us, then please check out our Kofi where we offer memberships or our venmo for tips.

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