Earth Toned Valentine's Day Update

Valentines’ Day is right around the corner! Treat yourself or your loved one to something this February 14th. Valentine’s Day is a perfect way to show how much love you have to offer even if it is toward yourself.

We have some special things coming to Earth Toned this Valentine Season and we wanted to showcase what will be showcased today.

Heart Crystal Box

We are bringing back our Heart Crystal Box just in time for Valentine’s Day. Our Earthlings loved it so it is only right to bring it back. Now we are offering this is in a new shape and form! You can get our original heart chakra crystal curated version, custom or MYSTERY.

Heart Shaped Crystals

We have various crystals for you to choose from that are shaped like hearts. Heart shaped crystals have a pure, high vibration and are efficient tools to help activate the Heart chakra. It constantly radiates light and love and by the law of attraction, it attracts the vibrations of pure love and light to us.

Venus Crystal Set

Introducing our Venus Crystal Set! This set is part of our Crystal Planet Collection which we will be releasing later this month on January 28, 2022. Our Venus Crystal Set will be available in two different sizes. This set includes classics like Sodalite to amplify energies of trust and communication, Quartz to help manifest your passionate thoughts, etc.

Heart Chakra Crystal Set

The Heart Chakra Crystal Set consists of 5 different heart chakra crystals for our Earthlings to balance their heart chakras. Crystals like Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Amazonite, Rhodonite, and Chrysoprase are included in this set.


Marry Myself Candle

We are excited to introduce our second ever candle offered at Earth Toned! Our Marry Myself candle is meant for the advancement of self-confidence and self-worth. It includes ginger essential oil, lemon essential oil, Tiger’s eye, and yarrow flower to ensure you’re in the mood to marry yourself. Invest in yourself now.

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