How to Prepare for the New Year: Day Four

Day Four: Financial

On day two we talked about careers, but today we will be talking about actual finances. The reason for both being separate is because they are not the same entity. There are people who will categorize both because they both deal with money, but your finances can exist outside of having a career. Your career does not manage your money; you do. It’s only right to figure out ways to maximize your financial life.

1. Create a budget

You have probably heard about creating a budget countless times. There are countless ways to create a budget, but the important part is sticking to it and adjusting your budget accordingly. 

You should first find a budget plan that fits your liking, then execute it the way you want. There are rules to a budget, but you should be more flexible about it in order to avoid any mistakes. If there happens to be any unexpected expenses, then immediately adjust your budget.

A lot of people make the mistake of not adjusting their budget after expenses they did not plan for. They attempt to stick to their previous budget plan and wonder why it didn’t work out.

2. Save more, spend less money

This is where the budget will assist you in saving more and spending less. It will help you stay on track with the money you have and be more successful with saving money.

Another way you can save money is buying in bulk instead of small quantities. Sometimes you spend more when you buy small things frequently instead of buying a bigger size or quantity.

You can also save by cutting out unnecessary activities and buys. If it’s not something you need at the moment, then do you really need to spend money on it right now?

3. Start a side hustle

There’s a lot of ways you can side hustle. You can do hair, nails, babysit, housesit, cut grass, Doordash etc. To survive in our economy, you need to have multiple streams of income. If you only have one and something happens to that one stream of income, then there’s not much you can do except search for another source of income in a hurry.

4. Adapt an abundance mindset

When you believe yourself that you have an abundance of something in your life, then the universe will bless you with it. A great way to adapt an abundance mindset is to repeat abundance affirmations to yourself.

“I am a money magnet”

“I release all my fears about money”

And so on.


Keeping your financial health up to date will bring a peace of mind we all strive to achieve. Knowing your bills are being paid and everything being taken care of without having to worry too much about it.

In all respects, some people also cannot afford the luxury to leave extra spending money and we completely understand. There’s less wiggle room but always keep your eyes open. The universe can provide an opportunity of a lifetime.

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