How to Prepare for the New Year: Day One

Day One: Personal Growth

On day one, we will be talking about personal growth, providing examples on how to grow and steps on utilizing them. 

Some of you may be like “I know what personal growth is”; however, some do not know what that looks like.

It is important to remember that society pushes us to think that we should only recognize the GREAT BIG NOTICEABLE VICTORIES in our lives. We tend to forget about celebrating the small ones too because of this. This is how you should view personal growth. It’s all about improving no matter how small or how many setbacks you may experience during your journey.

Personal growth is unique to each individual because we are all our own person. You may manifest just like your friend who has the same interests and similarities as you BUT that does not mean what you both manifest will come to you at the same time. There may be a time difference between hours or years.

That said, DO NOT compare your journey to others. It’s called personal growth for a reason because it definitely gets personal. Here are ways you can improve your personal growth as you dive deeper into yourself:


1. Try Manifesting

Manifest. Manifest. Manifest. Manifest your goals, desires, anything in life you can dream of. 

Never create a manifestation that’s out of reach. If you do so, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Now that’s not what we want. We want to be able to make our manifestations come true and they will.

Example: We want our business to thrive and succeed as much as we want it to. To manifest this we would say:

“I have a thriving business.

– Earth Toned”

This is the correct way. If we were to say “I will have a thriving business”, then we are giving the universe room to test that possibility.

Remember: You cannot manifest anything without doing the work. You can’t just throw a manifestation out there and expect it to happen if you don’t put in the work. It just won’t happen. End of story.


2. Set goals for the year

Of course set your goals or in this case your new year's resolutions. First identify the things in life you are trying to manifest. Like we said above you cannot manifest anything without doing the work. So set your main goals and create subgoals for those goals. 

Since our manifestation above expressed “I have a thriving business.”, we need to set goals that will help us accomplish this.

Example: The main goal in order to achieve the thriving business Earth Toned wants is to be consistent.

  • Be consistent (Main goal)
    • Create content calendars (Sub goal)
    • Time management (Sub goal)
    • Schedule posts (Sub goal)

Repeat this step over and over again until you feel as if you’ve reached the necessities to achieve your manifestations.


3. Stick to your resolutions

You already set your goals aka resolutions, but there are times when you may be tempted to change them. Of course you should adapt when we need to; however, do not drop it altogether. Some goals in life take longer than others and you may be getting restless. However, being patient is key.

If you keep changing what you are trying to achieve, then you may in the end never complete anything if we’re being honest with ourselves. Fear, procrastination, hesitation, etc. may render you helpless and feeling like you need to drop everything.

During the moment these feelings may arise just put your resolution on hold. That’s better than not finishing it at all. It’s up to you to determine if you’re ready or not but never give up.


4. Social Media Detox

Now we hear time and time again about doing a social media detox. There’s really no rules to social media detox except for taking the time to not consume media. Sometimes we do not realize how much time we spend on social media until we’ve already lost an unreasonable amount of time.

Partaking in a social media detox does wonders because there are times when the media we consume is taking a toll on us. There are those who use social media to feed their egos at the expense of others. Negative news reappearing down the timeline as you scroll through. It can be a lot.

Schedule time for yourself to not be on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. You can utilize this time to be productive. For example, if you have a test coming up you can use the time you take to detox in exchange for studying. Of course, it is more beneficial if you actually delete the apps so you don’t succumb to temptation.


5. Set your intentions

You have probably heard before to set your intentions. It is very common for people to confuse the words intentions, goals, and manifestations together because they do have the same end goal: achieving something. However, they all have different methods. Even though they are different.  All three come together in order to make things happen.

You can set your intentions with the right crystals, herbs, candles, oils, etc. With these tools you can channel your energy with more focus. The best way to explain setting your intentions is putting the right energy into something. Long story short doing something with purpose. We will definitely go more in depth about this in the future.


6. Check in with yourself

Who are you? Some of us may know, some of us might not, and some of us probably think we know who we are. Check in with yourself. The best way to do so is investing in shadow work. Shadow work is diving into the unconscious material that shapes our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Shadow work is very beneficial especially if you allow yourself to be vulnerable. It’s all about figuring out a way to integrate the unconscious parts of yourself into the conscious part.

We will definitely be touching on shadow work more in the future because in fairness this topic deserves a blog of its own. Another way you can check in with yourself is to start a journal.


7. Start A Journal

In the previous step, we mentioned starting a journal to check in with yourself. You may probably go straight to google to search “how to journal”, but don’t worry we’ll help you out. 

Just write. 

Yeah that’s it. Write. Write your thoughts, emotions, the event of the day, your hopes and dreams, etc. Doing this helps you release anything you may be holding in. Journaling is a great outlet and you can look back into the past if you want to to reconcile your past feelings and thoughts to learn from your past self.


Working on your personal growth will build the foundation for every other aspect in your life. That’s what we want in the years to come for our Earthlings, but of course it all starts with you. Your journey may differ from others but don’t let that stop you from succeeding in life!


Next Steps:

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