How to Prepare for the New Year: Day Three

Day Three: Relationships

The meaning of a relationship is an interpersonal relationship that involves physical or emotional intimacy. Relationships are very important things in life. If there is one thing to prioritize other than yourself in life is your relationships. It can be any relationship: a relationship with friends, family, pets, yourself, etc.


1. Set Boundaries

Setting your boundaries with others is essential. You should establish boundaries with your family, your job, friends plus more. When you first set boundaries there will be some hesitancy and fear that the relationship will change. Yes it may be true that it will change but most likely for the better. 

Setting boundaries is an essential part of self care. If someone who you are setting the boundary with cannot accept the fact you are placing them, then they do not respect you. Let go of those toxic people. For those who do not care to understand, this will be a great opportunity to let go of them.


2. Plan a vacation

Plan that vacation you have always been dreaming about. Whether it is by yourself, with your friends, or loved ones. Spending time while relaxing will give you the break you need as well as the time and energy to put into what is around you.



3. Make time for family and friends

Just as we established in our previous blogs from day one and day two about making time for yourself, make time for your family and friends. Finding a way to make time for those in your life will show them just how important they are to you. 

You could also connect with old friends you have not spoken to in a while. Strictly speaking the ones you drifted away from and not those who fall within the category of toxic people you had to let go. You do not want to give them access to you once again.


Cherish the relationships in your life. No matter how long you’ve known that person or who it may be. As long as the relationship consists of physical or emotional intimacy that is beneficial for both parties, then it is worthwhile to utilize your energy to water the relationship.

Setting the boundaries for yourself in relationships because they are a necessity in life. You won’t get far without them and the people you do not set boundaries with will use that to take advantage of you. Taking a vacay and possibly using it to spend time with your family or friends. 

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