How to Prepare for the New Year: Day Two

Day Two: Career

Now when we think about a career we immediately think of a 9-5, 40 hour week. Careers can definitely be stressful. Who would want to work 2080 hours out of the year with no balance or fun. We may have to work as a necessity in this capitalist society, but we do not have to be borderline robots just to get a check. 


1. Change Careers

If you’re dreading your career right now, then it might be time to switch careers. It doesn't have to be a complete switch of fields but it could be a different location at least. Energy is real and if you are somewhere where the energy does not align with your energy that you are probably most likely forcing yourself to go to work with a lot of effort.

Maybe you are even in a field that you don’t even like. If there is something you always wanted to do or try, then you should try it out.


2. Invest in Education

Now we’re not saying that you need to go to college or anything. When we say invest in education, we are saying learn something new. It can be a new language, skill, habit, etc. Investing is more than putting money towards something. It can also be about putting time and/or energy into something new.

Read a blog about something you have wanted to learn about or putting time into learning a new language. Try out a new form of exercise.


3. Establish work-life balance

This is very important to do. Some people forget to balance work with life and they either work too much or they have trouble with work. There are a lot of negative outcomes that could come with not balancing your work environment and your lifestyle.

One main thing is burnout. When you work so much because you feel as if you can’t stop working or else you may fall behind. Maybe you do not have much of a social life so you choose to work to feel the void. Working nonstop without rest can lead to you feeling burnt out.

You can probably get enough sleep and still feel burnt out. Burning out is more so an imbalance of chakras not only physical. One way you can reduce chances of burnout is scheduling an off day for yourself from work. Give yourself that three day weekend if you can. Use that PTO. Feeling sick? Use those sick days too. Your health shouldn't be compromised for the sake of others.


4. Volunteer

It’s always rewarding using your time to help others. There are all sorts of ways to volunteer and it is easy to find new opportunities. As you volunteer, you can network with those who are in charge or those who are volunteering as well.

This may give you an opportunity to discover a new career idea or opportunity which goes back to number one. Or maybe invest in something new skill wise. You can acquire a lot of things by volunteering in your free time.


Working on your career plan really allows you to have more flexibility in life when you know what you want to do. However, of course we are human so it might take some of us longer than others to figure that out. 

In all respects, some people also cannot afford the luxury to make career changes and we completely understand. There’s less wiggle room but always keep your eyes open. The universe can provide an opportunity of a lifetime. 


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