We're Bringing Sexy (With Intentional Self Care) Back

We are currently experiencing this summer heat along with all the crazy planetary placements this past Cancer season. It is important that one must stay ready at all times.

In order for us to help our Earthlings to stay the best version of themselves, we listen and learn from our community so we can stay up to date to your needs and wants. It is important to us.

Intentional self care starts from within and transfers into our outer being. Our goal as a business is to cover all aspects of this by providing products and tools that will aid you all.

We are proud to announce an official restock of some of our best-selling products. We have our "I Am Everything" affirmation cards, Zambeezi organic lip balm, I'm S.E.T. Kit, plus more making an appearance. 

 "I Am Everything" Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards created by Tarisha Clark, a Black female entrepreneur. Practice your affirmations every day by pulling a card from this beautiful deck of cards.

Zambeezi Lip Balm


 I'm S.E.T. Kit

Crafted with pure, organically grown, Fair Trade ingredients, this balm is so rich, your lips will think they’ve struck gold. Ethically produced product of Zambia, Africa.

 Tap into this month's Kit! Filled with various items from crystals to incense. You are also able to order last month's kit until supplies last. 

On August 1st we will reveal our new drops which consist of astrological themed bundles, new crystals, etc.

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