What is Pluto Day?

Did you know today was Pluto Day? No not the infamous dog from the Mickey Mouse franchise but the dwarf planet. If you did, then that is amazing you know of this day. We will help explain to you if you did not know to begin with. Either way, happy Pluto Day Earthling! 

If you are into astronomy or astrology then adding Pluto Day to your calendar is definitely the thing to do. Maybe you just like to celebrate or observe various things in life which work too. In this post, we’ll define Pluto Day, show why it is important, and provide you with three tips about honoring Pluto Day!


What is Pluto Day?

Pluto Day is the observance of the dwarf planet’s, Pluto, discovery on February 18th. On February 18, 1930 American astronomer Clyde William Tombaugh officially discovered Pluto at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. This adds Pluto to the solar system we all know today which consists of our Sun and many other planets, moons, and astronomical objects.

However, in 2006, the International Astronomical Union reduced Pluto’s status saying that it didn’t meet the criteria to be considered a full-sized planet. Although it's not considered a planet anymore, it is still important in astrology🧑‍🚀


Why is Pluto Day Important?

It celebrates astronomy. Without astronomy we would not know the ins and outs of how our own planet operates or even know that there are things bigger than us outside of our atmosphere. It helps us reflect on our existence and appreciate Earth more. As we should since the planet is the place we call home.


Here’s a reminder for all our Earthlings:

Don't feel small. We all have

been demoted. Go on being”

-Pluto by Maggie Dietz


3 Tips for Celebrating Pluto Day

  1. Watch a documentary about Pluto


  1. Go to your local planetarium and learn more about astronomy


  1. Study the importance of Pluto in astrology


With this knowledge you can commemorate the dwarf planet and its founder now that you know what Pluto Day is and different ways to celebrate it. Diversify your knowledge by knowing about the once identified planet and even implement it into your astrological practices.


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