Tumbled Selenite

Tumbled Selenite

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Crystal: Selenite
Charging • Cleansing • Amplifying

Astrological: Moon; Gemini, Cancer
Chakra: Etheric, Crown, Third Eye

Element: Air

Note: Sizes may vary
Size: 20mm-40mm
It is used for the protection and good luck and can clear, open, and activate the Crown and higher Chakras. Selenite is often used to strengthen memory. These make a wonderful charging station for your crystals. 

Selenite has the ability to clear energy blocks, to dispel any negative entities, to cleanse and rejuvenate auras, and as a tool to unlock our higher consciousness, a protective stone known for its power to shield from all mental and psychic attacks.

How to use: Place your jewelry, crystals, tumbled stones, etc next to your selenite charging plate to cleanse and clear their energy. Can also use its properties will amp the power of your other crystals.