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Earth Toned

7 Powers Incense Sticks

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Box: 8 Sticks

A compelling incense created in honor of the 7 Power (Elegua, Yemaya, Oshun, Chango, Obatala, Oya, Ogun) by Hem that creates an all pervading aura of religiosity. Inhale deeply to purify the mind and spirit and to become blessed by the miracles of 7 powers. It is traditionally burned for purification, protection, and strength.

The 7 Powers Incense scent has a heavy floral base. Similar to 7 African Power incense this fragrance is quite strong but more floral. This is a great incense to use when you are in need of help, mental clarity, and guidance. Hem 7 Powers has a strong flower component, a complex full fragrance. Use to help draw in Good luck, love, money, peace. This hand-rolled incense comes in a box of approximately eight sticks. 

Best used for: Peace/Calm, Meditation, Healing, Enhancing, Uplifting/Vitalize, Love, Money/Good Luck

Do not leave unattended

Brand: Hem